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You probably already think or even heard people say Instagram is biased, this has made lots of individuals conclude that Instagram auditing isn't necessary. We may feel this way because it's almost as if Instagram tends to favor certain accounts or creators more than others.

Look, I understand how frustrated you feel every time you spend energy creating awesome content, you put it out…and then, it isn't appreciated enough. You're not the only one facing this, but I can tell you how others who have been in your shoes found their way out.

The only way you can solve this is by auditing your Instagram.

I'm not here to tell you Instagram isn't biased, it is…and you know why? This is because Instagram is a business just like your business. Therefore they are in favor of pushing the content that gets the most engagement out to more users. It 's in their best interest as a business to help accounts that keep users on the app longer more visibility.

This is why failing to audit your Instagram is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make. In fact, it's one of the top-ranking social media marketing roadblocks for many small businesses.

Having an in-depth knowledge of Instagram auditing will take you a long way and in turn, save you countless hours of wasted effort.

Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about auditing your Instagram. It can also be substituted as an Instagram audit checklist.

What does it even mean to audit your Instagram?

Instagram auditing is a thorough evaluation, assessment and survey of one's Instagram platform in order to filter out unnecessary content that is not aligned with your goals.

Take a look at it from this angle:

Imagine your goal is to gain 3 pounds of muscle every week. I mean, you could go on eating the same regular foods, doing non-targeted exercises and you'd probably notice results-very slow and discouraging results. However, when you set up a healthy planned diet along with a targeted workout plan, your muscle gain would be noticeable in a matter of weeks.

That's how Instagram works!

Instagram auditing helps you ensure that every piece content you put out there on your page is targeted and brings you high conversions. It allows you an opportunity to see where your content isn't connecting with your community so you can make that adjustment.

Do I have to audit my Instagram?

Instagram auditing isn't compulsory for everyone, but if you fall into any of these categories, then it's advisable you audit your Instagram.

  1. You feel your posts aren't getting the attention and appreciation they deserve.

  2. Your brand feels all over the place.

  3. You lose followers much more than you gain them.

  4. Even when you do gain followers, they do not interact positively with your content.

  5. You've been shadowbanned for using Instagram the wrong way.

  6. You are marketing your product with Instagram but your sales conversion is poor.

  7. You've been doing what the Instagram experts say and yet your engagement is still low.

Most creators aren’t happy with their results and engagement. Yet, they keep using the same strategy so they don’t risk having to change. I know how scary change can feel, it's hard, but being stagnant is even worse.

If at all, you do not face any of these problems, auditing your Instagram is necessary for your feed because Instagram evolves every single day. Now I don't know about you, but I don't think anyone would want to be left behind on that.

How do I carry out Instagram auditing?

If you do not know how to properly conduct an Instagram audit, my team and I at Media Mayhem 247 have got you! Here's a 7-step checklist for auditing your Instagram, you would definitely want to use this checklist before you put out any content on Instagram.

The Instagram auditing checklist includes 7 simple tips, to enable you to become more successful on the platform.

  1. Define your aim & Analytics

  2. Understand your audience

  3. Bio Optimization and clear highlights

  4. Audit your posts and have an aesthetic

  5. Communicating with captions

  6. Draft a Content Calendar

  7. Ask for reviews

Define your aim.

Generally, if you wish to achieve progress, you need to set your own goals. This also applies to Instagram auditing. Have a clear aim and objective in mind on why you're on Instagram in the first place.

Most creators and brands open Instagram without having a purpose on why they should be there. This can lead to you getting lost in an endless cycle of futility.

To help you set your goals, ask yourself:

  1. What is the purpose of me being here on Instagram?

  2. Who is my target audience?

  3. What do I want to achieve with this page?

  4. Where can I find my target audience?

  5. (Mention your goal) how do I go about it?

  6. What's stopping me from achieving my goal?

In this light, let's see an example of a clear goal.